Cory Wilson is one of Mississippi's Republican "Emerging Leaders." He's a "Business Champion" rated "A" for jobs and growth.
Cory works hard for us, with integrity and conservative principles.

Priority: Economic Growth

Cory Wilson is a "Business Champion" for jobs and growth. Cory is working hard to set the stage for economic growth and high-paying jobs.

Priority: Improving Education

Cory Wilson stands up for Madison Public Schools.
Cory also supports education reforms that strengthen accountability and results for our kids.

Better Roads and Bridges

Cory supports improving the infrastructure our economy needs to keep moving, while increasing government accountability and efficiency.

Priority: Quality of Life

Cory supports measures that protect our quality of life. Cory is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. He works hard to enhance our communities.

Quality of Life
Business Champion


Working For Our Priorities

Growing Our Economy

  • Keep taxes and government spending low
  • Oppose job-killing regulations
  • Grow businesses and jobs, not government
  • Prioritize infrastructure to sustain growth

Strengthening Education

  • Strong support for Madison Public Schools
  • Teach more, test less
  • Reforms that empower parents, teachers, and students

Protecting Quality of Life

  • Stand with law enforcement to protect our neighborhoods
  • Support individual gun rights
  • Protect life, family, and faith
  • Working hard to enhance our communities






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  • The Madison County School District was honored by the Madison County Business League & Foundation earlier today with the 2017 Vision Award.  Congrats on a very deserved recognition for our educators! Video credit: Amile Wilson, Hapax Creative For more on the Madison Count Business League & Foundation’s Vision Celebration luncheon, click here.

  • Please mark your calendars for Livingston Libations with Cory, and show your support!  To contribute online, and RSVP, click here.

  • The Mississippi Legislature passed a number of new laws passed this Session.  Many of the new laws take effect this weekend, on July 1.  For a summary of key bills debated and passed during the Regular 2017 Session, as well as the June Special Session, please click the link below: 2017 Updated Session Summary Including Special Session Cory worked on some key bills, including legislation that will: Reform our Campaign Finance laws; Roll back government regulations; Increase transparency; Give Mississippians with disabilities savings … read more