Northside Sun: Education and Medicaid at top of Cory Wilson’s 2018 legislative agenda

HOUSE DISTRICT 73 Rep. Cory Wilson has big plans in store for the 2018 legislative session.

Among Wilson’s top priorities are education funding, student testing, a more effective legislature and more efficient Medicaid.

Last year, Wilson was successful in passing the ABLE Act, campaign finance reform, and more government transparency and efficiency.

“I was so pleased to see (the ABLE Act) signed by the governor,” Wilson said. “Once that program is set up in Mississippi, it will provide Mississippians with disabilities and their families a real way to save more of their own money and lead better lives. . . .”

Campaign finance reform was another accomplishment that Wilson worked on during the 2017 legislative session.

“The elections process will be more accountable, and campaign funds will be used only on campaigns and expenditures related to holding office. A lot of what we did was fairly common sense.” . . .

ONE OF WILSON’S big topics for the 2018 legislative session is the education funding formula.

“It was a priority last year, and we started looking at it. A lot of the recommendations are pretty solid. It’s time we updated the MAEP. It’s out of date.”

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